Sliver.TV Review – Experience eSports Content in VR!

It is impossible to deny the growth eSports has gone through over the past few years. A lot of popular online games have major events organized several times throughout the year....

Guided Meditation VR Review – Peace and Quiet In A Virtual Environment

To most people, entering a virtual reality environment is rather stressful. There is so much to be aware of at all times, especially when playing a highly addictive game. Some people...
vr surgery

VRinOR Review – A First-row Seat to Everyday Surgeries

The world of virtual reality offers quite a lot of possibilities for game and app developers. Moreover, it can also serve as an educational platform to give people more insight into...
facebook logo

Facebook Spaces Review – VR Video Conferencing But Little Else

It was only a matter of time until social media giants decided to unleash their first VR apps. Facebook has done exactly that, even though their Spaces app is not all that...

Project Time Travel Review – Experience Historic Events In VR!

Virtual reality is all about immersing oneself in different environments, realities, and concept. Project Time Travel seems to take this concept to the next level, as it is quite an entertaining...
virtual theater

BigScreen Review – A Full-Fledged Computer Experience in Virtual Reality

Using a virtual reality headset means users need to have a very powerful desktop or laptop computer at their disposal. It is only normal consumers want to use their computer in...
accuweather vr app

Accuweather VR Review – Experience Different Weather Conditions At Home

Slowly but surely, new applications are coming to virtual reality headset owners all over the world. The team responsible for creating AccuWeather has put together their VR version of this application,...
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What is Focus Variation and why Does it Matter?

There is a lot more to virtual reality than most consumers acknowledge. It is quite an intricate process to create a decent VR headset....

What is the Sense Glove?