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Rosebaker’s Icy Treats Review – An Enjoyable Work-Game

It is not the first time we see a VR game which involves food and aliens. In the past, we saw a game where you had to make a variety of...

Battle of Kings VR Review – Solid Tower Defense Game With an Interesting Twist

Tower defense games are not all that difficult to come by in the world of VR gaming. Several of these games exist already, and the genre lends itself quite well to...

Happy Drummer VR Review – A Fun Rhythm-based Experience

Happy Drummer VR sounds like a cute music-oriented game, and the developers certainly deliver on this front. It is a rather new genre in the world of VR, as we are...

Speedball Arena Review – A VR Rocket League Clone With Online Matchmaking Issues

We have been waiting for a VR experience which comes close to Rocket League or something similar. So far, there hasn't been any game of that magnitude, albeit Speedball Arena certainly...

BOXVR Review – The Best VR Boxing Experience to Date

It is evident there is a bright future ahead for VR games which throw in some workout elements. BOXVR seems to do exactly that, even though it is not the most...

In Death Review – Great Archery Gameplay in a Dark Medieval Setting

It seems we are bound to get some very interesting VR games on our hands in the coming months. Assuming In Death is any indication, things will certainly get very interesting...

Organ Quarter Review – A Great Survival Horror Game Despite Mediocre Graphics

While a VR game by the name of Organ Quarter may not necessarily sound appealing, the game itself holds up quite well. This latest game in the survival horror genre has...

Pierhead Arcade Review – An Interesting Collection of Carnival Games

It has always struck us as a bit odd to play a video game inside the video game we are playing. In some cases, this works surprisingly well. In virtual reality,...

Stunt Corgi VR Review – A Delightful Timesink of a Game

When we first got into VR gaming, the last thing we had expected was to see a stunt Corgi. At the same time, the concept alone is more than enough to...

Cold Iron Review – Fun Quickdraw Shooter for PS VR Owners

When it comes to COld Iron, we were not too sure what to expect from this game at first. Although the trailer doesn't look all that impressive, the gameplay itself works...
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Alibaba Keeps Improving its VR Buy+ Shopping Platform

Alibaba has come up with an interesting way of promoting their Singles Day event these past two years. Last year, the retail giant experimented...