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TheVRBase First Airlines Japan VR Holidays

Japan’s First Airlines Successfully Completes First “VR Holiday Trip”

Going on a holiday can be quite an expensive venture. A lot of people simply do not have the money for it, even though all they want is a joyous vacation....

Bandai Namco Opens two VR Arcades in London

The concept of a virtual reality arcade has proven to be rather interesting so far. More specifically, the general public seems to have taken a liking to this concept in recent...

Global VR Industry to Become a $26.8bn Market by 2020

Various industry experts expect big things to happen to the VR industry in the coming years. Back in 2016, this market was valued at $2.02bn. Ever since that time, the market...

Dubai Mall Will Soon House a Two-Story VR Park

Virtual reality is a booming industry as of right now, even though not everyone sees the merit of this technology. While consumers remain on the fence about buying a VR headset...

There is now a Cure for VR Motion Sickness

If there is one particular aspect which holds back global VR adoption, it is the motion sickness aspect. Hundreds of people suffer from motion sickness while wearing a VR headset, regardless...

County College of Morris Introduces a Virtual Reality Degree

It is evident there will be more correlations between VR and education in the future. Not only because this technology can be a viable educational tool, but also because there need...

VR Arcades Make Gaming Cool and Social Again

Even though top-of-the-line VR headsets are a lot cheaper right now, they are still on the expensive side of the spectrum. As such, most teenagers will struggle to afford a VR...
TheVRBase Inception VR Fashion TV

Inception Will Offer Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Content to VR Headset Owners

It was only a matter of time until we saw more content streaming solutions for VR headsets. Inception, a firm based in Tel Aviv, wants to take VR headset owners inside...

Using VR Technology to Teach Robots new “Human” Skills

There are many different use cases for virtual reality technology. Outside of the world of entertainment and training programs, it seems a lot of robots can benefit from VR technology as...

DJ Soto Aims to Expand VR Church Beyond AltSpaceVR

Most people would never throw religion and virtual reality in the same sentence. Things always have an odd way of working themselves out in the world of technology. DJ Soto is...
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Black Box VR Combines Physical Exercise With eSports

Plenty of people have taken a liking to the concept of working out in virtual reality. There are quite a few projects which target...