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TheVRBase Userbase Growth

Research Indicates VR is Evolving, User Base can Rise to 171 Million

Research into the VR industry is always worth keeping an eye on. Despite the appeal of this industry, it has not gained any significant traction just yet. Research by Fullestop shows...
TheVRBase Cora Financial Advisor VR

Fidelity Labs and Amazon Create Cora, a Financial Advisor in Virtual Reality

The number of potential use cases for VR technology continues to increase. With major players getting on board, anything can happen in the future. Talking to financial advisors in VR is...
TheVRBase Nutaku Hentai VR

Nutaku Brings two Hentai Games to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Owners

It is not entirely surprising to see existing service providers pay close attention to virtual reality. Nutaku, a portal for moe hentai games, is entering this market as we speak. Two...
TheVRBase Arcelor Mittal VR Training Saving lives

Arcelor Mittal Uses VR Training to Test Employees’ Fear of Heights

There are a lot of use cases for VR technology in this day and age. Companies are experimenting with different business models as we speak. Arcelor Mittal uses VR to help...
TheVRBase VR Industry Growth 2022

VR Industry to Grow to $26.89bn by 2022, Report Claims

The expectations are still high when it comes to the VR industry. Although virtual reality still hasn't made the big mainstream impact, things are progressing slowly. Zion market Research claims the...
TheVRBase IrisVR Design

IrisVR Sees Major Success as a Facilitator for Design Experts

It is evident the VR industry direly needs more content. Getting people to create virtual reality experiences has been an ongoing struggle. Even so, it seems IrisVR is making a positive...
TheVRBase Facebook Half Dome

Facebook is Working on a new VR Headset Codenamed Half Dome

Facebook is going deep into virtual reality moving forward. The social media giant needs its Oculus subsidiary to succeed in this regard. Despite recently announcing the Oculus Go, it seems a...
TheVRBase Google no 6DOf Lenovo Mirage Solo

Lenovo Mirage Solo Will not Receive 6DOF Controller Support From Google

Google made a rather surprising announcement this week. Many people had expected the Lenovo Mirage Solo would get six degrees of freedom controllers. That will not be the case, as the...
TheVRBase VR Retina Displays

The Wait for VR Retina Displays is Far From Over

Even though VR hardware is evolving at a rapid pace, there are still plenty of things to look forward to. On the display front, a lot of interesting changes are happening/...
TheVRBase Australian Winemakers VR AR

Australian Winemakers Use VR and AR To Boost Tourism Appeal

One wouldn't necessarily expect winemakers to embrace virtual reality technology. It is often the business model which most people don't think about which yields the better results The Australian Federal government...
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