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What is Tele-existence?

When it comes to experiencing virtual reality, many people will do so from the comfort of their own home. In some cases, people may venture to a VR arcade to see...

What are Head-coupled Interactions?

Head tracking will eventually become the new norm in the world of virtual reality. Right now, very few VR headsets are equipped to perform this analysis. Once that situation changes, features...

What are Effectors?

Many people see the virtual reality ecosystem as an interesting concept. Venturing into VR requires users to immerse themselves in the proper environment. Virtual reality headsets are one way to go...

What is Virtual MIS?

Virtual reality will impact many different aspects of daily life as we know it today. Especially in the medical sector, as VR environments can serve as a proper training exercise. Virtual...

Why Does the Doppler Effect Matter in Virtual Reality?

Most people will have heard of the Doppler Effect at some point in their life. More specifically, the Doppler Effect is an increase or decrease in the frequency of sound or...

What is a Magic Wand?

Interacting with objects and the environment is an important aspect of virtual reality. Hand gestures alone are often insufficient to achieve this goal. A magic wand or some sorts can certainly...

What is Object Technology?

Making a VR experience as realistic as possible will be a big challenge. In the real world, objects tend to change shape or emit a certain sound when one interacts with...

What are Shared VR Worlds?

Shared worlds are quite interesting concepts in the world of virtual technology. Setting up a virtual space is one thing, but being able to share it with others will elevate this...

What is a Virtual Reality Cyborg?

In the world of virtual reality, most people will be accustomed to the concept of an avatar. In the future, this process may be taken one step further. More specifically, it...

What is Technsplanation?

It is evident the educational sector can benefit quite a lot from embracing virtual reality. Whether or not this shift will occur anytime soon, remains to be seen. Embracing the VR...
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