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What is Haptic Retargeting?

There are quite a few fancy terms in the world of virtual reality. That is only to be expected from a technologically complex subject. Haptic retargeting is a term coined by...

What is Focus Variation and why Does it Matter?

There is a lot more to virtual reality than most consumers acknowledge. It is quite an intricate process to create a decent VR headset. There are many different hardware and software...

What is Intel’s DisplayLink XR?

For the longest time, virtual reality enthusiasts have been looking for wireless HMD solutions. Until this week, that seemed highly unlikely, unless one settles for a mobile headset. Intel is coming...

What is Ray Tracing?

In the world of virtual reality, there are quite a few different techniques to take notice of. Ray tracing is a technique used to generate images in an intriguing way. The...

What is Simulated Reality?

In the world of technology, there are many different "realities". Over the past few years, people have seen a glimpse of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. However, there is also the...

What is Gaze Control?

In the world of virtual reality, there has been a lot of focus on head tracking. It is an incredibly challenging aspect of VR to get right, that much is evident....
vr killer app

What is Virtual Reality’s Killer App?

One term technology enthusiasts often like to use is "killer app." Every new innovation needs its groundbreaking feature to ensure mainstream adoption. For virtual reality, finding that killer app could prove to...
Virtuix Omni

Noteworthy Crowdfunded Virtual Reality Products – Virtuix Omni

It is always interesting to back a virtual reality-related project on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, not all of these projects have the best of reputations when it comes to delivering on their promise....
vr social

Is Virtual Reality Harmful Towards Social Behavior?

One of the most often heard complaints is how our society's focus on technology reduces our social skills. It is certainly true the number of "socially awkward" individuals keeps increasing every...
global presence

What is Sense of Presence?

In the world of virtual reality the "presence" is everything. To be more specific virtual reality would not be attractive if it wouldn't trick our brain into thinking we were somewhere...
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